Arise Wonder Inverter [750]

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DisplayYes BrandArise TypeSquare Wave Charger TpologyMains Mode: Micro Controller Based Chopped High Frequency Battery Friendly Cvcc ChargerBattery Voltage12Maximum Charging CurrentNormal mode: 13.2V Charged Battery, 10.0 1AMP; Tubo mode: 13.4V charged battery, 12.0 1AMPBattery Features120 To 200Ah, Battery Make: All Company & Local BrandsInverter Back UpTechnology: System Switch On & Input Ac Of System Is Out Of Range Or Failure, Micro Controller Based Flux Regulating Feed Forward Pwm Technology; Output Voltage: 90% ~ 100% Charged Battery, No Load/ Full Load, 20% ~ 40% Charged Battery, No Load/ Full Load, 200Vac ~ 250Vac, 180Vac ~ 220Vac; Output Frequency: No Load - Full Load, 50 0.5Hz; Output Wave Form: >70% Battery Charged, <70% Battery Charged, Quasi - Modified Square Wave, Modified Square Wave; Low Battery: Low Battery Cut Voltage10.2V 0.2Vdc /Battery, Low Battery Cut Voltage10V 0.2Vdc /Battery, Full Load ----- 50% Load, >50% Load (This Feature Present Only Domestic Mode)No Of Battery Required1Load ChartFANS: 100 VA, 3, 4, 4; CFL: 40 VA, 4,6,8; TV. 21" : 200 VA, 1, 1, 1; ROOM COOLER: 500 VA, 1Charging Voltage Tubo ModeTubo Mode (Mains), 14.4V 0.2VDC / Battery.Charging Voltage Normal ModeNormal Mode (Mains), 13.8V 0.2VDC / BatteryAc Computer Ups ModeInput Voltage Range: 175V - 280Vac; Ac Low Cut Voltage: 175V 5Vac; Ac Low Cut Recovery Voltage: No/Full Load, 190V 5Vac; Ac High Cut Voltage, 280V 5Vac; Ac High Cut Recovery Voltage: 260V 5VacAc Ups Mode On Voltage LimitInput Voltage Range: 100V - 310Vac; Ac Low Cut Voltage: 100V 10Vac; Ac Low Cut Recovery Voltage: No/Full Load, 115V 10Vac; Ac High Cut Voltage: 310V 10Vac; Ac High Cut Recovery Voltage: 290V 10VacFeaturesMicro Controller Based Design Using Advanced Intelligent Complex Algorithm, Quasi Sine Weighted Output Waveform, Advance Battery Management(Abm) Charging With Adaptive Fuzzy Logic,For Battery Charging & Long Life Of All Batteries With Less Loss Of Battery Water, Very Fast Change Over Time In Computer Mode, Auto Reset Features In Overload & Low Battery, Battery Deep Discharging Cut Off Protection, Overload & Short Circuit Protection, Mains Input Voltage Range Selection Switch, Tubo Battery & Normal Battery Charging Current & Voltage Selection Switch, User Friendly Graphic Display Indications, Audio Alert For Overload, Short Ckt., Low Batt. & Ac Fuse Blown, Battery Polarity Reverse Protection, Surface Mount Technology For Pcb Card, Intelligent Thermal Management, Easily Serviceable Parts, High Mtbf & Mttf